Practice Area

A & S Legal Partners is professionally competent law firm handling variety of legal proceedings at their disposal. The practice area spans across the entire system, where legal redressal, legal assistance, legal appraisal etc. are required. ASLP offers generalized and specialized legal counsels to individuals & corporates and also has competent associates to carry a variety of legal proceedings.

Our compass of legal consultation traverses through variety of sectors like infrastructure, insurance, manufacturing, banking, education, financial corporations etc. We also have our successful representations in dealing the matters regarding the Intellectual Property Rights over any media (print or electronic). We offer assistance in securing the ownerships and legal rights in patents, design patents, artworks etc, and carry out copyright ownership identification and its successful enforcement, maintenance of IPR and related matters.

We are available for precise counsel on legal compliances to corporates bodies, legal opinions, due diligence, title search reports preparation, registration of mortgage, lease deeds etc. with all the other basic legal formalities like, drafting of legal notices, case filing etc. We also offer expert counsels on dispute resolution, necessary help in carrying successful arbitration and fair assistance in filing litigation on the nature of dispute and offer all the needed legal assistance

Employee grievances, disciplinary actions on individuals not abiding the corporate rules and values, women safety, corporate redressal etc. are common facets of business operations. ASLP is fairly qualified in providing the proper legal platform to address and resolving these issues, through dispute resolution and other legal assistance and processes.

Over the years we have also steered across the legal challenges, directly or indirectly and have successfully expressed our legal expertise. We have efficiently handled the cases in High Court, District Court, Family Court, forums and tribunals like Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, Motor Accident Claim Tribunal, Industrial Tribunal, National Green Tribunal etc. This scope is not limited to a few of the sectors mentioned above, and we are open to newer niches and challenges in legal matters. In similar terms, presently we exercise our legal assistance to the people/ corporate, not only in Indore, but across whole of the Madhya Pradesh State as well. Our associates with competency in maintaining the high working standards in legal assistance span across the entire state to facilitate the grievances resolution in vicinity, so as to minimize the client's hassles. To maintain minimal efforts for the client we also offer them localized assistance, in case of their place of abode is not near enough for them to reach us.

Our working methodology

We, at ASLP, are fairly attentive over efficient and prompt legal assistance. After carefully drafting out the legal requirement for a client, a systematic approach towards allocating a suitable legal expert on the matter is followed. Our case management system is very efficacious and we go through following procedure to carry out legal assistance to our clients.

  1. 1.   A proper legal profiling of a case,
  2. 2.   To derive appropriate relaxation,
  3. 3.   To procure the highlighting of the actual cause and effect resulted thereof.

The competent counsels, who have expertise in dealing with the similar legal proceedings, are duly propelled with the suitable in-feeds of the matter and clients' needs list, so that they are well aware of the sort of legality involved and assistance required. This is followed by comprehensive updates to the clients about general proceedings and the legal matter buildups on regular basis. We go for meticulous detailing of the proceeding in discussion to facilitate the accurate determination of the exercised legal rights, so that clients must have none to their extreme of the legal worries. Our efforts are duly exercised to bring fair compensation to clients in the evaluation sense. We assure that their rights are enforced properly and they receive proper treatment for the matters in the court of law.

We believe and practice strictly in

  • Maintaining and holding the Professional Integrity on both sides
  • Maintaining professional secrecy
  • Practicing through ethical methods
  • Building the trust through honesty and transparency
  • Making every matter an exemplary connotation of "A fair legal assistance by ASLP"