About Us
So here is how we started....

Ideas are great, everyone possesses them and it is certain that the ideas are also an initiation point like a dot that evolves into a large periphery. A & S Legal Partners (ASLP) started off from a basic dot with a mindset to provide value based legal service to the clients and continuing with this vision, ASLP started to carve a definitive status of successful legal services firm. The smooth progress went on from two persons to an impressively expanded body of legal associates working together for a similar set of cause and of course the cause nonetheless was "an equal justice for all".

We, at ASLP always believe in a progress which is to evolve as a cognizant body, carrying the significance of societal values, like freedom, justice, equanimity etc., while making a professional recognition in legal arena.

This is how we hold our working principles....

The expansion and growth of ASLP is based on value adherent legal consultations, counsels and services. The work culture spins around the core of ethics like:

  • Transparency in communications and dealings.
  • Unbiased views, affirmed stand for truth.
  • Honesty, responsibility, good citizenship and cordiality.
  • Strict vigilance on dubious views, undue advantages and any sort of discriminations .

Not only we adhere strictly to the factual strategy of working for an equal justice and its prompt deliverance to the needy, but we also look for a chance of better social message through the brought forth justice and its proper prevalence. So, going through the part of philosophy on working strategy, ASLP is also about creating social awareness on legal aspects of existence as a country citizen and world citizen, who are stanchions of a civilized society with equality of justice.

Founding Members
Ankur Shrivastavas ASLP Lawyer Ankur Shrivastava
Ankur Shivastava, a person in whom mettle of leadership is duly carved, is one of the founding partners of ASLP. He honed his leadership and legal skills at reputed Symbiosis Law School, Symboisis International Universtity Pune. A set of belief, he always tended towards, is the achievement of true success, through an implementation of an establishment which is essentially value adhered. Starting with modest amenities and through his sheer laborious pursuits as a better half, he helped ASLP to grow up into a young and significant recognition in legal arena. Ankur has added to his academic exploration an expertise of "Diploma in Cyber Law' and "Diploma in Corporate Law". He has some simple observational methods with deep analytical thought processes, with a tang of acute sharpness in understanding the intricate details with ease.

Ankur Shrivastavas ASLP Lawyer Shantanu Mittal
Shantanu Mittal, the co-founder of ASLP, is a personality in whom one can discover dexterity of leadership acumen. He has crafted his career profile as a Law Professional at Government Law College, Mumbai. In the modest start of ASLP, his meticulous efforts, with vigilant observations on the various aspects of legal matters have uplifted the firm's value high enough, among the counterparts. Shantanu also went on collecting the knowledge and information through an extra academic addendums as "Diploma in Cyber Law" and Masters in Law from Mumbai University. He is quiet at ease in handling the dynamic analytical surges in legal matters and he sails off smoothly with a very basic simplicity in grasping the crux of overly complex situations. This essentially defines him a perfect leader to fuel on the values and professional standards at very high pitches.
A tint of Corporate Social Responsibility

ASLP also functions to uphold the deprived and less privileged, which are unfortunate to avail the basic legal services. This CSR function of ASLP is often carried out on counsel levels and other appropriate levels of legal assistance needed by an individual, validated as being deprived. As per availability and facilities, we support on frequent basis, through our participation in legal assistance drives by various eminent social personalities for the under privileged section of society.